Luke Bryan Explains Why He Isn't Comfortable Having a Socially Distanced Concert

'I just can't imagine that germs aren’t getting spread'

August 11, 2020

The question of how to put on the perfect concert during a pandemic continues to be debated.

Some artists have gone the route of putting on shows that promote social-distancing, while others are having concerts with massive groups of people. Country singer Luke Bryan believes, "It’s all out of whack."

"You don’t want to be the sacrificial lamb," Bryan said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. "If I’ve made decisions on not doing shows, it’s because let’s see what we’re truly dealing with. We’re still learning what this virus is every day."

Bryan is still weary that germs could being spread from person to person even with concertgoers maintaining a six foot distance and having them wear masks during the performance.

"I’ve got these Farm Tour shows, where say you got a 10-by-10-square-mile field, and you put a huge stage in it and you tell everybody to stay 6 feet apart and wear a mask," Bryan explained. "I’m like, 'We could make this happen where if somebody called bull— on us, we could technically go spray-paint 6-foot circumferences.'"

"But I just can’t imagine that germs aren’t getting spread," he added.

Bryan announced the postponment of his 2020 Farm Tour shows back in July due to the Coronavirus, but plans to hit the stage again in 2021.

While the world waits to see Bryan back on stage, plenty of his fans are very happy this week after he released his seventh studio album, Born Here Live Here Die Here.

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