Here’s What Twenty One Pilots Fans Think Tyler Joseph’s Baby Will Look Like

Is this Photoshop gone wrong?

February 5, 2020

Tyler Joseph of twenty one pilots is going to be a dad any day now, and he’s anxious to see what his baby girl will look like.

The 31-year-old is hoping the Skeleton Clique has some visions about the bundle of joy his wife is about to deliver, and has enlisted their artistic talents.

“To my fellow professional photo editors: as my wife and I wait for our first child, I would like your help to show us what we should expect while still expecting.” Joseph wrote on social media. “I need some tasteful creations including half of my facial features and half of Jenna’s. Can’t wait to fall in love.”

Fans did not disappoint. Their responses were interesting to say the least, and bandmate Josh Dun even chimed in.

“According to my thoughtful science, this is what I’ve been expecting from you guys. Expect something like this,” he said while revealing something truly frightening.

Fans who have been following the pregnancy every step of the way know Jenna has to be right about nine months along. In early January, she shared a photo with the caption: “8 months. 2020 let’s make Ty a daddy.”

Joseph shared a photo of the baby’s nursery as it was coming together about a week earlier. In an interview with RADIO.COM, he talked about how his dad was just excited about the arrival of his first child as he was.

"My dad is just looking forward to watching me be the dad now,” he said. "I was a frustrating child in many ways. Every time, even when I was young, he would say 'you wait till you have a kid and you've gotta look at him straight in the face.' So he's excited to watch me kind of figure out everything he had to figure out."

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