Our Top 5 Favorite Dua Lipa Music Videos

'Hallucinate' has us living our cartoon fantasy

July 10, 2020

Dua Lipa’s trippy, disco, house music-inspired song “Hallucinate” has come to life with the release of the fantastical music video. The animated glittery short has us wishing we could all dance with the cartoon version of Dua Lipa and her anthropomorphic flower friends.

From watching Lipa stomp in her platform boots to seeing rainbows and smiling butterflies float across our screens, the video encapsulates the psychedelic sounds that reverberate from the Nu-disco Queen’s song.

With that said we wanted to share some of our favorite Dua music video moments that span from her first album Dua Lipa to her highly-favorited sophomore album, Future Nostalgia.